To Be in Agreement in Spanish

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When it comes to expressing agreement or disagreement in Spanish, there are different phrases and expressions that you can use depending on the context and level of formality. In this article, we will explore some of the most common ways to say “to be in agreement” in Spanish.

1. Estar de acuerdo

The most common and straightforward expression for expressing agreement in Spanish is “estar de acuerdo.” This phrase literally translates to “to be in agreement” and can be used in various situations, from everyday conversations to business meetings or academic discussions.


– Estoy de acuerdo contigo. (I agree with you.)

– Creo que todos estamos de acuerdo en que… (I think we all agree that…)

– Si todos están de acuerdo, podemos seguir adelante. (If everyone agrees, we can move forward.)

Note that “estar de acuerdo” is always followed by the preposition “con” and the person or idea you are agreeing with.

2. Compartir la misma opinión

Another way to express agreement in Spanish is to say “compartir la misma opinión,” which means “to share the same opinion.” This phrase is slightly more formal than “estar de acuerdo” and can be used in more professional settings.


– Compartimos la misma opinión sobre el proyecto. (We share the same opinion about the project.)

– No podemos tomar una decisión si no compartimos la misma opinión. (We can`t make a decision if we don`t share the same opinion.)

– Siempre es bueno encontrar alguien que comparta la misma opinión que tú. (It`s always good to find someone who shares the same opinion as you.)

3. Coincidir

The verb “coincidir” can also be used to express agreement in Spanish. This verb means “to coincide” or “to match,” and it implies that two or more people or ideas are in agreement with each other.


– Coincidimos en que esa es la mejor opción. (We agree that this is the best option.)

– Las conclusiones del estudio coinciden con nuestras expectativas. (The study`s findings match our expectations.)

– No siempre es fácil coincidir con los demás, pero es importante intentarlo. (It`s not always easy to agree with others, but it`s important to try.)

In conclusion, there are different ways to express agreement in Spanish, but “estar de acuerdo,” “compartir la misma opinión,” and “coincidir” are some of the most common and versatile expressions. Whether you are having a casual conversation with friends or negotiating a business deal, knowing how to say “to be in agreement” in Spanish can help you communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships with people.

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